Water Cooler 1/18/18 Open Thread; President To Address March For Life; Harassment At NBC Was No Surprise; Vet Made Unemployable By Trannies;


In A First, President Trump Will Address The March For Life

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 17, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – President Trump will speak at the 45th annual March for Life on Friday via a live video feed, becoming the first President to do so.

“We’re excited to announce that the President will become the first sitting president to address the March for Life from the White House live via satellite,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a media briefing today. “This will take place from the Rose Garden. The President is committed to protecting the life of the unborn and he is excited to be part of this historic event.”

Previous Republican presidents have delivered remarks to the March for Life via pre-taped video messages or phone calls.

“Since his first day in office, President Trump has remained steadfast on his campaign promises to the pro-life cause and has actively worked to protect the unborn,” said Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life. “Over the past year, the Trump administration has significantly advanced pro-life policy, and it is with great confidence that, under his leadership, we expect to see other pro-life achievements in the years to come. We welcome our 45th President, Donald Trump, to the 45th annual March for Life.”

—Life Site News


This was far too long in the making and it underscores why conservatives have such trouble winning. While we allow the left to define what is and isn’t socially acceptable and what constitutes virtue we will always lose.

Matt Lauer Was No Surprise

It’s a recurring theme with the current sexual harassment panic, everybody in industries with gigantic megaphones didn’t care about what were open secrets as long as the general public didn’t seem to know.

Ann Curry said in her first TV interview since leaving NBC in 2015 that she would have been surprised if anyone at the “Today” show didn’t know about her former co-host Matt Lauer’s pervy behavior with women, adding that there was a culture of sexual harassment at the peacock network.

“I can tell you that I am not surprised by the allegations,” Curry told the “CBS This Morning” hosts on Wednesday morning regarding the harassment and assault claims against Lauer.

Curry was then pressured to talk about whether others at NBC and “Today” knew about Lauer’s alleged behavior at the time.

“I think it would be surprising if someone said they didn’t see that,” an uncomfortable Curry said. She added, “I would be surprised if many women did not understand that there was a climate of verbal harassment that existed.”

–Fox News


This is why the news media is held in such low regard. They actually expect you to believe that either no one considered this sort of thing news worthy or that entire companies filled with reporters had no idea what was going on in their own offices.

You Will Be Made To Care Was Just Step One.

Will Caligan, a Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran suffering Gulf War Syndrome, is out of a job. What caused him to lose it is one more weight on the scale that is tipping America toward total insanity. Caligan is a talented comics artist who contracted with Short Fuse Media Group to produce comic books. Caligan, a conservative Christian, had little chance of survival in that environment. One hint of wrongthink could spell curtains for any artist, writer or producer in today’s comics climate. In Caligan’s case, he made the catastrophic mistake of voicing his opinion about a pop culture story about a straight man rebuffing a kiss from a transwoman.

Let the unhinged hate fest begin! Do they have any idea how psycho they look? A man says DNA can’t be changed (a provably true statement) and there are people who want him destroyed, jobless, homeless, penniless and on the street. This doesn’t seem like a  proportional response. But where LGBTQWTF feelings are concerned, no depth is too low to sink. No person is too honorable to defame with epithets, even a Special Forces veteran of two wars who contracted a desert illness fighting for the rights of overweight gender-confused half-wits to speak their minds from Mommy’s basement.

Caligan contacted Sean Mack, his boss at Short Fuse Media Group, who seemed to take the whole thing in stride at first, writing in a communication, “If it’s not this, it would be for something else. Don’t stress over it. I’m good and we’re dealing with it head on. I have your back!” He quickly changed his tune with no explanation — presumably after being threatened by rabid SJWs and facing too much pressure by the lynch mob — and cut ties with Caligan. “I’m going to have to put some distance between us until you can change the perception people have of you,” wrote Mack. “I think you can fix this. It’s really up to you. Apologize and keep your comments and beliefs to your inner circle instead of public forums.”



Now step two, drive anyone who wont deny the truth from the public square.

Quote of the Day

Horse sense is the thing a horse has that keeps it from betting on people.

–WC Fields

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