Terror Attack Injures 8 in Tel Aviv, Israeli Police Say

Credit: The Jewish Voice/Twitter

Israeli police believe an incident in which a man stole a car and ran down several civilians was an act of terror, they said Tuesday morning. Officials are still investigating the incident.


The attack was caught on several different videos and shared on social media. Some of which, like the one below, are pretty violent. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to reports, a 23-year-old Palestinian man in Tel Aviv drove his vehicle onto the sidewalk, struck bystanders, then got out of the car and began stabbing more victims.

“We understand that he was alone, and we have no doubt that this was an attack,” said Tel Aviv Police District Commander Ami Eshed, according to Haaretz.

“[Police] are taking action to find out if the assailant was accompanied by anyone else. This is a difficult event but currently the situation is stable,” the officer added.

The suspected terrorist was identified as Abed Khalila. According to Israeli police, he is from the Palestinian village of As-Samu, near Hebron. He was shot and killed by police at the scene.

Officials report that eight individuals suffered injuries, including one 46-year-old woman who was evacuated to a nearby hospital with severe stab wounds.

A Hamas statement praised the terror attack, calling it “Heroic” noting that it mourns one of their own calling him a “Martyr fighter”


Hamas also claimed the attack was retaliation for an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) raid on the West Bank Monday.

In that raid, the IDF was looking for gatherings of anti-Israeli terrorist groups hidden in the Jenin refugee camp. The operation resulted in the death of eight Palestinians. IDF forces identified holy sites, among others, as fronts for terrorist groups.

Israel has been under threat from terror attacks for years, but recent activity in Jenin prompted the raid, which in turn prompted retaliation. If that is the case, the IDF and other law enforcement agencies may be preparing to deal with more.

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