Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders Will Give the GOP Response to Biden's State of the Union

AP Photo/Will Newton

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been tapped to give the Republican Party’s response to President Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union Addressed, scheduled for February 7, 2023.


Sanders, who served as press secretary for former president Donald Trump before running for and getting elected Governor of Arkansas, was announced as the GOP pick by Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

In a statement, McCarthy said Sanders “is a servant-leader of true determination and conviction. I’m thrilled Sarah will share her extraordinary story and bold vision for a better America on Tuesday.”

Biden’s address will likely tout economic growth over the last year as inflation has cooled and wages have grown. With GDP growth and positive jobs reports, the President appears set to tackle the remaining challenges, as well as continuing his push for green energy as well as attack Republican extremism – likely to call for Republicans to join Democrats in pushing their agenda.


The Republican response, however, will point toward economic growth through education and job creation.

“I am grateful for this opportunity to address the nation and contrast the GOP’s optimistic vision for the future against the failures of President Biden and the Democrats,” she said in a statement. “We are ready to begin a new chapter in the story of America – to be written by a new generation of leaders ready to defend our freedom against the radical left and expand access to quality education, jobs, and opportunity for all.”

Biden’s State of the Union address will take place 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, with Sanders’ rebuttal coming immediately after.


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