When It Comes to Trusting the Media, We're Past the Point of No Return

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It’s very hard to argue with the idea that we’re now past the point of no return when it comes to whether or not to trust the mainstream media. Even with Donald Trump out of office, the media hasn’t stopped. They’re only getting worse in their partisan attacks, and it’s getting to a point where conservatives really have no recourse other than to not engage anymore.


The fact of the matter is that the mainstream media has become what it always claimed conservative media to be – totally biased propaganda from one side of the political aisle. And we’ve gotten to a point where we can’t read what they write and really take a lot of it very seriously. When an industry that is supposed to be objective and fact-based has to create something called a “fact checker,” whose job seems to be nothing more than finding ways to say that a Republican is lying, you sort of get the idea that that whole objective thing really doesn’t apply.

And we really have reached the point in media when objectivity is just out the window. It’s now less about honest fact-finding and more about “I’ve got to get my clicks.” And there are a lot of dishonest brokers out there, both on the left and the right, when it comes to searching for clicks rather than fighting for the truth.

There’s really no going back at this point to the way it used to be. The media really hasn’t been the same since the Drudge Report first came out all those years ago and really exposed Bill Clinton and his lying and scandals. The internet has provided us with the means of finding information that cuts through the spin that comes out of the mainstream media, and as part of that effort, RedState was formed.


But as the media started spiraling into obsolescence, it also found new ways to attack those that would cut through its spin. The rise of social media and Big Tech made it possible for these allegedly honest brokers to report things as misinformation, to say that they are not trustworthy, or to just attack their credibility in whatever way they can. The result has been absolutely devastating. Conservative media oftentimes finds itself ridiculed and belittled and pushed out of the way, because it does not follow the lead of the mainstream.

And yes, there are people on the right who take advantage of this as well, and they use Big Tech and social media in order to attack sometimes legitimate opponents of theirs. But the majority of the time, it is the left attacking the right. It is the left trying to put the right out of business. It is the left trying to kick the right out of the town square.

We have found a way to get around this, and it is with the help of a lot of you here already that we’ve been able to do so. The fact of the matter is that while people don’t really like paywalls, a lot of us are understanding more and more that paywalls are probably the best way to get around the censorship of the right. We here at RedState have been absolutely blessed with loyal readers and loyal subscribers. It is with your help that we’ve been able to do some great things.


Our managing editor, Jennifer Van Laar, is one of the best investigative reporters out there at exposing key issues that have fundamentally changed the game – for both Democrats and Republicans. We’ve been able to go beyond the typical digital content and focused on audio and video. We have picked up a tremendous amount of solid writers over the years, who provide insight into areas that most places dare not go.

And, without giving too much away, I can tell you (because I’ve seen the numbers) that what we’re doing is working. More of you are reading RedState now than ever before. Most of you come to RedState first and then head off to chase down the stories that we’ve alerted you to. You trust us to be your first source of information.

Of course, we have to keep this going. The way that we keep this going, that we keep making sure that we give you the information that you’re looking for, in ways that no one else can present it to you, is to win your support and win new subscribers. Your support is extremely vital in the fight to cut through the propaganda and bring you the facts that you’re not going to get anywhere else.

Every person who becomes a RedState VIP and VIP Gold member is one more person helping to provide truth in an era of propaganda. By becoming a RedState VIP member, you’ll not only directly support us in our efforts to cut through the mainstream media’s partisanship and their fight to censor and discredit us, but you’ll also get exclusive columns and videos from Andrew Malcolm, Jeff Charles, Kira Davis, and more.


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