Joe Biden Should Step Down Over Afghanistan

Before this is over, innocent American blood – civilians, not military – will be spilled because of Joe Biden’s hubris and ineptitude. If it doesn’t, it won’t be because his plan was solid and everything went okay. He’ll have just been really lucky.


There appears to have been no plan to evacuate American citizens from Afghanistan. Those civilians are being told “you’re on your own” in getting to the airport. It is infuriating coming from the administration that came in saying the last President did not do his job in protecting Americans from a virus.

We abandoned the Afghanistan military, left weapons of war in the hands of the Taliban. We have done little to ensure the safety and well-being of the people there, American or not. We did not communicate and are not communicating with our allies. The entire plan seems to have been “We’ll be out before the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001.”

Biden gave a speech to Americans where he claimed the buck stops with him and then proceeded to blame everyone from Donald Trump to the Afghan military for the disastrous pull-out. There was no buck stopping with him. If there had been, he would have acknowledged he did not listen to his military leaders and instead listened to people who thought like him. They wanted the symbolic victory, not a strategic one. And it blew up in their faces.

I don’t think the American public has any reason to trust, much less vote for, an administration that could not have an actual plan to withdraw our military and, more importantly, our civilians out of a foreign country that fell almost immediately to a hostile power. They have no reason to trust or vote for a party that puts these people in power.


I mentioned yesterday that, politically, the Democrats can’t remove Joe Biden and have a future after 2022. However, if voting to impeach Trump based on a call to Ukraine or not trying very hard to stop a frothing mass of crazies from rioting at the Capitol Building was the right thing to do, then removing a President who refuses to listen to intelligence reports and military leaders, leaves Americans in a hostile territory with no sure way home, and refuses to keep true to commitments to allies – all while letting the world destabilize in order to meet a goal set entirely out of ego – that President should be forced to step down.

This is an outright shame. It is infuriating. And it should not go unpunished.


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