Does the Biden Administration Want to Lose? Because This Is Absolutely How You Lose

Joe Biden’s administration is now nearly two weeks in power and started out not only by killing blue-collar jobs but by insulting the very people whose jobs they are killing.


Biden signed an executive order killing the Keystone XL Pipeline, killing 11,000 jobs. He lied when he said he wouldn’t ban fracking. He has launched an attack on oil and gas drilling on- and offshore.

His climate czar, John Kerry — an unfathomably entitled and arrogant man — told the American people who stood to lose jobs from these actions that they could just go out and get work as technicians for solar panels. Kamala Harris went on TV in West Virginia and talked flippantly about lost mine lands (which she called “land mines,” further irritating the citizens there) while also foolishly insulting Joe Manchin, the one Democrat in the Senate Biden’s administration can’t afford to alienate.

To Donald Trump’s credit, before COVID-19 struck, the United States was enjoying the best job market in recent history, with record-high unemployment in minority communities and reversing a lot of the major job losses that occurred under Presidents Bush and Obama. The Biden team inherits a job economy that is stunningly bad due to the pandemic and focuses on… killing what jobs remain?

Joe Biden
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

This is insanely poor messaging on their part, and it’s clear that the activist left has taken a deep root in Biden’s administration. They are laser-focused on climate change issues without realizing that going hard-left on those issues is going to crush job opportunities primarily for Americans who need them most. Those whose jobs are being lost by these policies, by the way, are the same people who sided with Biden over Trump and will now feel spat upon by the person they voted for.


Biden himself is probably largely out of the loop on this stuff, and the people he’s put in charge are running these various shows. Biden’s just there to sign executive orders. He has entertained meetings with GOP Senators on a possible bipartisan solution for COVID relief, but he has outright scorned any input from them on these environmental issues his administration is tackling. That is going to be a major problem for him.

And Kamala Harris? Her TV appearance this weekend has only gone on to prove that she isn’t ready for politics at this level. She was a passable Senator because she was one of several Democrats who could charge in and attack. But on her own, she comes across as unprepared and aloof. She went in trying to apply pressure to Manchin in his home state, but only served to piss him off.

He was so mad, he demanded an apology from the White House and got it.

This does not seem like an administration that understands why it won in November. They seem to think they have some sort of mandate to do all this when in reality they barely have control. And, if the Biden administration continues on this path, they will have no control whatsoever.


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