BREAKING: Decision Desk HQ Calls Pennsylvania and the White House for Joe Biden

With a new batch of votes coming in this morning in Pennsylvania, our partners at Decision Desk HQ have called the state of Pennsylvania for former Vice President Joe Biden, giving him 20 electoral votes and victory over incumbent President Donald Trump.


Biden’s victory will give him and incoming Vice President Kamala Harris control of the White House. Democrats still hold the House of Representatives but the Republican Party still has a chance to hold the Senate.

Control of the Senate appears to be coming down to Georgia, which swung toward Biden early Friday morning. Both U.S. Senate seats there are up for grabs and appear to be heading toward runoffs.

The Trump campaign have been preparing lawsuits in close swing states, and on Thursday promised more are coming. The Biden campaign announced earlier this week that they were already building their transition team and even preparing to send staffers to various federal agencies to prepare for the transition.

You can follow the remaining election results here at RedState.



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