Trump Throws Cohen Under the Bus After Cohen Implicates Him in Plea Deal

On Tuesday, Michael Cohen took a plea deal in New York, admitting guilt in various financial crimes – including campaign finance. The implication of the guilty plea is that he committed the campaign finance crimes at the direction of then-candidate Donald Trump.


This morning, now-President Donald Trump has told us what he really thinks of Michael Cohen after this supposed betrayal.

Perhaps it is a joke, considering that Cohen is almost certainly facing jail time for his crimes, not to mention a disbarring. However, it follows a trend of Trump’s distancing himself quite publicly from people he deems as traitors.

It’s not the first time. When the special counsel went after Paul Manafort originally, he was publicly stating that Manafort really wasn’t with the campaign very long and came in very late. He’s recently changed his mind on Manafort because he wants everyone to know that it’s just proof that there was no collusion with Russia and whatnot.


When Trump is done with you, he’s done with you. Cohen has learned that now, and based on his lawyer’s comments, he’s ready to sing like a canary.


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