Laura Ingraham Made Herself the Perfect Target

While I have tried my very best to avoid writing about David Hogg and his cohorts – my inclination is that there is no winning an emotional conflict against teenagers who survived a school shooting – there is something few people are really talking about with regard to his feud with Laura Ingraham.


Ingraham is Fox’s freshest face. She’s the new kid and, despite a syndicated radio show and website prior to her role as a Fox News host, she still has to prove herself.

Bill O’Reilly was accused of sexual harassment and worse and Fox spent millions to make his problems go away. Ingraham is brand new, still largely unproven as a long-term television success, and cost herself some sponsors with an ill-advised comment on Hogg’s college prospects.

So, Ingraham had to come out and apologize almost immediately. She had to try to salvage whatever she could because she is the new kid, and those are the ones who get the ax the quickest. Ingraham’s comments were foolish and someone who is supposed to have a major media presence should have the wherewithal to avoid a mishap like that.

Now, she is taking a week-long break from Fox News, though she says it’s to spend time with her kids during Easter break. (Fox News has reached out to RedState to confirm it was a planned vacation.) The time off the air should be good for her, allowing a lot of the dust to settle here.


However, it should be clear by now Hogg is almost certainly being coached by Media Matters or people who are very avid followers of MMFA’s tactics. His response to Ingraham was a classic MMFA move, as our own Sarah Lee pointed out earlier. Media Matters also knows that Ingraham is the most vulnerable person at Fox News, and she gave them the perfect opening.

So, Ingraham did something stupid, and Hogg is being co-opted by MMFA into trying to get rid of her. MMFA is basically a one-hit wonder playing the same song over and over again. Still, Ingraham has no one to blame for this situation but herself, considering how vulnerable she really is at Fox News as the “new guy,” and it is a lesson hopefully future commentators will learn moving forward.


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