Begun The Troll Wars Have: Donald Trump Responds to LaVar Ball

As I mentioned early this morning, Twitter provocateur and United State President Donald Trump has gotten himself into a trolling war that he may not be able to win: He is up against LaVar Ball.


Well, with Ball’s comments downplaying Trump’s hand in getting his son out of China (as you may recall, LiAngelo Ball and two of his teammates apparently stole sunglasses from a Louis Vitton while UCLA’s basketball team was in the country), Trump was bound to respond. And boy did he.

Donald Trump should know better, because what Ball did is exactly what Trump does on a daily basis.

  1. Make controversial statement about someone.
  2. Elicit response from said person.
  3. Come get yourself media attention for the response that person gave.

Ball is a brand-builder. As is Trump. Trump is no more successful in real estate than your local agent. He just happens to have started out with some money and the ability to garner media attention for himself.

At the same time, Ball is no sports genius. He isn’t some great athlete builder. He’s a dude with a loud mouth, decent athletes for sons, and the ability to garner media attention for himself.

So, Trump should know better, because all he is doing is giving Ball a bigger platform to launch his sons from. It’s all a game of headlines and we as America lose when they play it.

God, I hate everything.


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