Trump Isn't the Only Guy UCLA Players Should Thank (According to Trump)

So, President Donald Trump has been active on Twitter this morning, and there are a pair of tweets in particular that could raise a few eyebrows.

Trump made headlines yesterday saying the UCLA should thank him for their release (and while he was correct, perhaps taking to Twitter to state this publicly wasn’t the wisest goal). This morning, however, he added a name to the list of people they should thank.


That’s right. Chinese President Xi Jinping of China, whose country arrested them in the first place for shoplifting.

This sounds super… parental, weirdly enough. “Go tell the nice man ‘thank you'” a mother tells a child she is hoping to raise properly. That isn’t a look we’re really used to seeing from Trump, so I have no idea whether or not these tweets were a good idea or not.

I’m just really confused.


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