Corey Lewandowski Has Gotta Be Applying for White House Communications Director, Right?

Following the hilariously short term of Anthony Scaramucci (negative sixteen days, given his job didn’t officially start until August 15), there have been some rumors floating around about who would take over as White House communications director.


One of the favorites has been Kellyanne Conway, who has been a frequent mouthpiece for the Forces of Chaos that have enveloped the White House. However, given some recent media, I think Corey Lewandowski has got to be looking to get back into the game. Don’t you?

Lewandowski was fired from One America News Network (OANN) after making too many appearances on other networks (Fox, et al) and not nearly enough on OANN, the network that hired him in the first place. That story broke last night.

Tonight, we see this, from The Hill:

“You have to let Trump be Trump,” Lewandowski said. “I’ve said it 100 times in my life. Anyone who thinks he’s going to change the president is not going to. He is the greatest communicator we have ever seen as an elected official. There is no question about it.”

“The president had the same message, he drove the messages,” Lewandowski added after being asked if Trump was the same candidate in the primary election season compared to the general.

“Anybody who thinks they were successful and caused him to be successful is naive. This campaign was 99.9 percent Donald Trump and everyone else had an 0.1 percent role in it. He was the messenger of the American people wanted.”


To me, that reads like the transcript of a job interview.

However, if half of what we suspect about John Kelly is true, then he is probably not going to entertain the silly notion that a guy like Lewandowski should be in the White House. Kelly is bringing order and stability to the White House staff – something Reince, who made himself infamous kowtowing to Trump leading up to and after his nomination in 2016, clearly did not want to do.

Lewandowski is the same type of chaotic narcissist that has plagued the Trump team since the days of the campaign. If this is indeed a pitch by Lewandowski (who knows that Trump pays close attention to what is said of him in the media), then it is up to Kelly to stand up to Trump and say “No”… which is something I believe Kelly is capable of doing and winning at it.


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