Someone Revoke Mike Huckabee's Access to Twitter Before He Hurts Himself

In this Jan. 31, 2016, photo, Republican presidential candidate, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks at Inspired Grounds Cafe in West Des Moines, Iowa. Huckabee says on Twitter on Feb. 1, 2016, he’s ending his run for president. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

Mike Huckabee has been working on his comedy routine on Twitter. As you can imagine, the former Arkansas governor still has a ways to go in learning how to write jokes. This morning’s attempt was… not good, y’all.


“CNN” currently stands for “Cable News Network,” but Huckabee would like for the one “C” and two “Ns” to stand for “Cardiac Care Network.”

…I don’t have a Twitter Participation Trophy to hand out, but the society in which we live currently demands that he get something for trying.

Huckabee is, of course, going straight on the defensive to attack CNN over a story that does have larger implications. The firing of Comey was probably deserved – he severely screwed the pooch on the Clinton investigation and got his facts completely wrong in testimony to Congress last week – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t problematic.


Jay Caruso talks about the reasons why the Comey firing was a bad call. All five of his points are spot on. There is one particular aspect that bears repeating and expansion: there are many Republicans not thrilled with this either.

Donald Trump is going to have to make overtures to a number of Republicans in order to gain their trust back, because Comey’s firing does look shady as hell.

That doesn’t matter to Huckabee, however. He is currently using Trump’s presidency to boost his own profile… presumably for another run for office somewhere. Or to be a stand-up comedian.

I’m honestly not sure which one he’d fail at more.



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