Amid Rumors, Sean Hannity Calls Rare Staff Meeting

Politico’s On Media blog is reporting that Sean Hannity, who is not known for holding or even liking staff meetings, has called one for the staff of his television show.


Rumors have been flying that Hannity, following the termination of Bill Shine at Fox News, could be leaving the network. Fox News has been the subject of multiple sexual harassment and racial discrimination accusations over the past year – accusations that have led to Shine’s, Bill O’Reilly’s, and Roger Ailes’ ouster from the center-right news network.

Via Politico:

It’s not clear whether Hannity will say anything meaningful about his future with the network at the meeting or whether it will be more of an opportunity to encourage his staff while the network goes through big changes. Hannity is widely liked and appreciated for such gestures, Fox insiders say.

According to multiple sources, Hannity has a “key man clause” in his contract tied to Roger Ailes, meaning he only needs to give 60 days notice before he can leave the network.

Hannity tweeted out last night that he was not in talks to leave the network.


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