And Now, a Japanese Video Called "Tire Ski Jump"

Look, it’s Friday evening. Not much is going on right now, and frankly, it’s been a long week. I’m tired of politics, and I’m sure you’re tired of politics, so let’s do something else.


Someone shared this video with me and I found it way funnier than perhaps I should have.

First of all, what a simple name for a video. “Tire ski jump.” It gets straight to the point. It’s not click bait, it’s not outrageous. It’s a simple premise explained in one title: we’re going to roll tires down a ski jump.

It starts out looking like a science experiment coupled with a comedy routine. Tires belonging to various styles of vehicles are rolled down the hill and sent off a ramp to see how far they’ll go. Now, the video is six minutes long. Take a break here to watch it if you haven’t, because the spoilers are next.


That last tire. It’s ridiculous enough to see that huge tire rolling down the hill, but then it blasts the ever-loving hell out of the damn ramp and I just lost it. I have no idea why it is so damn funny, but I laughed for a solid ten minutes at the seriousness of the announcer, the dramatic camera angles, and the distance measurement at the end before they finally stop the damn thing.

If you have a ridiculous video you’d like to share, link to it in the comments. Make sure it’s appropriate though. No porn and no interviews with Hillary Clinton. This is a family establishment.


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