Alabama's Governor to Resign in a Matter of Days?

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is in deep enough trouble that his lawyers appear ready to cut a deal.

Bentley is accused of using his power as governor to cover up an affair he had with a top aide. I mentioned the story last night after the Alabama GOP – his own party – called on him to step down. Now it looks like he will.


Sources in Montgomery say his lawyers have been involved in negotiations to step down from the governorship and plead to lesser charges, allowing Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey to step up as governor.

Sources believe he will resign the governorship by Wednesday.

Bentley has been under fire for the better part of the year but pressure over the last several days has mounted to untenable heights.

There is no official word on the deal as of this time. The story above mentions sources who appear to want to stay off the record. These same reports are also stating that Bentley himself is not directly involved with the negotiations.

This report, however, directly contradicts what Bentley said on Friday. Stating that he will not resign, he was at that point maintaining a position he’s held for a year since the sex scandal first broke in Alabama.


Bentley, who maintains he did not break the law, has impeachment hearings that began today. He originally won a stay of the hearings early in the weekend, but the state’s Supreme Court gave the legislature the go-ahead.

Perhaps the one silver lining here is that he is making the correct move by stepping down and taking a plea deal. Hopefully it will minimize the drama for the incoming replacement to fill out his term.


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