Whatever Happened to EVIL Neil Gorsuch?

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch meets with Democratic Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Do you guys remember Evil Neil Gorsuch? That guy Donald Trump nominated to take Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court? I know, it’s been a few news cycles, and more than a few Democrat freakouts since you last heard them bashing him. Wonder why that is?


There are two reasons that he’s no longer in the news much, despite the fact that his confirmation hearings are slated to begin soon.

First, the Democrats know they have no chance of defeating the Gorsuch nomination. They’ve given up on fighting it in lieu of going after Republicans on health care reform – a battle they have a much better chance of winning. Gorsuch was always going to be a long shot for the Democrats to defeat. He is liked by virtually all of the Republicans in Congress and there is no controversy there.

Meanwhile, as we’ve pointed out, the American Health Care Act is almost certainly doomed without substantial changes being made. It’s a case of choosing one’s battles, and choosing them well. The Democrats are focusing all of their energy on the AHCA in order to try to score a win in the Trump Era.

The fact is that they can oppose the Gorsuch nomination, filibuster it, and risk McConnell getting rid of the filibuster altogether in order to spite the Democrats OR you let the fight go and get ready for when the future of the court is really in the balance.

The second reason you don’t see Gorsuch as much is because the Democrats who haven’t let the Gorsuch fight go do not seem to have the ability to be outraged about more than one thing at once. They move from outrage to outrage, looking for a political point to score.


They were outraged about Gorsuch and ranted and raved about the fact that Obama didn’t get a chance to have hearings for his guy… what’s his face? I dunno. Anyway, they were upset about that right up until Trump said or did something else that pissed them off and then dropped Gorsuch like a bad habit.

That’s what they do. The outrage mongers outrage. They don’t seem to have the mental stamina to be outraged about two things at once, so they just move on from one outrage to the next. It’s like they were born under a wanderin’ star, except it was an outrage star, and they don’t have the badass facial hair Lee Marvin had.

Gorsuch’s hearings start this week. We’ll have more details in our coverage of the four days’ worth of hearings in the Senate.

Whatever happened to EVIL Gorsuch? He’s been replaced by “FINE.” Because honestly, even they knew he was never evil in the first place.


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