She's Not A Thing. Stop Making Chelsea Clinton A Thing.

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The Hill has been, probably, the single-biggest backer of Chelsea Clinton since Hillary’s embarrassing 2016 loss. They post fairly regularly about her, what she tweets, what she thinks, etc., and somehow believe that will make Chelsea Clinton a thing that will happen.


Today, The Hill breathlessly writes that Clinton is fueling the rumors of her future run, as though this is a pleasantly surprising turn of events.

What excitement does anyone in the media see in Chelsea Clinton? Who out there is pushing for Chelsea to be the savior of the Democratic Party? Who looks around and sees a party laid to ruins by Hillary’s disastrous campaign and thinks “I know! Let’s get her kid to run for office!”

She is not a thing. Stop trying to make her a thing. She is not going to be the Savior of the Democratic Party, because no one wants to vote for a Clinton anymore. Everyone is tired of the Clintons. You can’t find any buzz about any of them outside of Peter Daou’s timeline, and that has devolved into pretty much just openly weeping at this point.

It’s incredibly difficult to take a news site that constantly posts Chelsea Clinton’s every thought as news serious. The Hill is little more than a joke right now pushing a punchline no one finds funny.

So, stop it. Stop pushing for something no one wants.


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