On Top Of Everything Else, Milo's Book Got Canceled

It’s been a no good, very bad day for Milo Yiannopoulos. The eccentric lightning rod of controversy was invited to CPAC, then saw the release and subsequent spreading of a video in which he advocated for man/boy love, and was subsequently uninvited from CPAC.


Now, his day just got a little worse.

Book publishers are apparently not big fans of the whole ephebophilia thing, and no matter what “imprecise language” Milo says he used, the fact of the matter is that he did defend young boys having relationships with older men, which is still a major taboo in today’s society.

Milo is hopefully learning that, sure, you have the right to say whatever you want, but it’s when you choose to do so that you can cause a whole lot of trouble for yourself. Despite what the comments in the linked Facebook post say, he’s not being persecuted. He’s just suffering the consequences of his out-of-control anti-PC gimmick.



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