Please oh PLEASE, Democrats: Listen to Michael Moore.

Look. I get it, Democrats. You don’t like the choice of Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court. You don’t want a conservative to replace the conservative Antonin Scalia. Naturally, you turn to the idea of filibustering the nomination.


Michael Moore believes you should. Lest he and others work to replace you.

I want you to listen to him.

Now, hear me out, my liberal friends. You need to heed his words or get replaced. You’ve gotta stay in power. You’ve gotta keep opposing Trump over every little thing. You’ve gotta lose your mind, or cry, or be outraged at every thing he does or says. Or, you’re gone.

I know it’s not an ideal scenario. You could force the GOP to use the nuclear option, and any court vacancy that comes up in Trump’s remaining years is set to piss you off even further. However, if you don’t filibuster, you’re letting a vile conservative get on the Supreme Court. What about Roe v. Wade?! What happens then?!


The absolute worst part of this scenario is that you can’t win here. Either you go the highly progressive, obstructionist route and a conservative gets the seat, or you fold and a conservative gets the seat. What’s more, your party was virtually wiped out in 2016. Primaries can and will hurt you even more in 2018 if you don’t filibuster.

Plus, if you filibuster Gorsuch, that makes you the superprogressive… kind of like Barack Obama, who was arguably as big a loser on Election Day as Hillary herself was. The voters seem to love that kind of progressive right now.

It’s a tough call, but I think you should absolutely listen to Michael Moore. It’s for my own good.


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