BREAKING: Daytime TV's 'The View' is AMERICA'S LAST HOPE Says Behar

Okay, so this actually happened yesterday, but the revelation that The View is America’s last, greatest hope against Donald Trump needs to be spread far and wide.


The View. That’s where America is now. The View is their savior. Mother of God.

A clearly rattled Joy Behar on Wednesday reacted to the election of Donald Trump as President by declaring, seriously, that The View will be the only remaining check on the businessman’s total power.

She began by inaccurately stating, “What scares me the most… is that not since George W. Bush has there been a White House, a Senate and a House of Representatives all from the same party.” (Not true. Barack Obama’s Democratic Party controlled the White House, the Senate and the House in the President’s first two years.)

After complaining about the FBI sticking “its nasty little nose in the middle of this election,” Behar insisted, “ So the only checks and balances we have are us, The View. That’s it!” 

That is an awful lot of responsibility for The View, and I wonder if television personalities who appeal almost exclusively to women that care more about pop culture issues than political ones are really up to the task. However, we can only salute Joy Behar and the women of The View in their mission to hold Donald Trump accountable when he continues to fund Planned Parenthood (as he’s said he wants to) and looks into what we can do about the gun issue (as he’s said he wants to).


I don’t know how they plan to stop his liberal agenda, but I think America can handle a few more allies, however odd they may be.



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