Good News! Donald Trump Still (Allegedly) Has His Phone.

If there is one thing that signals you may not actually have a good grip on how to be a president, it’s reports that say you got your phone taken away so you would stop screwing up. That is exactly what’s been reported MULTIPLE TIMES about Donald Trump and his phone. His Twitter habits are a compulsion, and they get him into trouble.


Kellyanne Conway, however, maintains that Donald Trump absolutely still has his phone in the days leading up to the election. “Just call him,” she says.

Conway’s offer to allow the “Morning Joe” panel of hosts to call her boss came in response to a question about a New York Times story published over the weekend that cited anonymous campaign aides to report that Trump’s staff had managed to wrest control of the real estate mogul’s Twitter account away from him. The GOP nominee has used Twitter to great effect throughout much of the election, needling his opponents and firing up his followers, but has also gotten himself into hot water on multiple occasions with incendiary remarks on the account.

Conway did not dispute that the campaign has stopped Trump from tweeting on his own but laughed off the idea that his cell phone had been taken away.

She also refused to reveal the nature of any private conversations she’d had with Trump concerning regrets he may or may not have over some of his campaign’s more damaging controversies, including his public feud with a Gold Star family and his proposal during the GOP primary to ban all Muslims from entering the country.


What does it say about the guy you’re working for that this is even an issue? No one had to take away Hillary Clinton’s phone (I don’t think the FBI counts?). No one had to take away Mitt Romney’s phone. Or Barack Obama’s. Or John McCain’s.

Nope. This is an issue exclusive to Donald Trump, whose need to respond to things on the Internet gets him in trouble all the time. It’s not the only thing that’s given him trouble, mind you, but it’s been something that has dominated news cycles he should otherwise have won.

Great job, Republicans.


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