POLITICO: Ted Cruz Expected to Endorse Trump

We’ve been hearing for about a day not that Ted Cruz was in talks about endorsing Donald Trump. Now, Politico is out with a story confirming that he will, and many people are left scratching their heads over the move.


Multiple sources close to Ted Cruz say the Texas senator is expected indicate his support for Donald Trump as soon as Friday.

It is unclear whether Cruz will say only that he is voting for the Republican nominee, as other lawmakers have done, or offer a more full-throated endorsement, but the idea of throwing any support to Trump is controversial within Cruzworld.

Not just within “Cruzworld,” either. Reporters and pundits across the Internet are currently baffled at the expected play. Even his own campaign folks seem a bit irked.

Asked about a possible endorsement, Jason Johnson, Cruz’s chief strategist on the campaign, responded with a photo of himself, with his hand over his face.

It’s also very unclear just what kind of effect this would have for either politician. What do either have to gain from such an endorsement? Cruz supporters have been so bitterly anti-Trump that this endorsement is likely to do little to move them. People who are against Cruz, meanwhile, will simply see this as more self-serving than anything.

It’s very odd. And very concerning.


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