Have You Seen This "Leaked" Hillary Clinton Health Report?

There’s a “medical report” on Hillary Clinton floating around the Internet right now that suggests she is near death and can’t make it any further than the middle of October at this rate. Here’s an actual quote from the “leaked” report.


Hillary Clinton is in a high-security, secluded and private, intensive care unit with 4:1 nursing 24/7. …

Putative Brain Death – Patient too unstable for apnea test. Awaiting confirmation from SSEP and possible nuclear medicine study.


Death no later than October 12, 2016.

However, I’m gonna call BS on this right now, because I really distrust anonymous Pastebin links, but it’s spreading like wildfire around the fringe “conservative” sites and others. Hillary’s health may or may not be deteriorating… actually, we know it is deteriorating because she’s old. And she chose to campaign with pneunomia or the flu or tuberculosis or whatever her campaign will claim she has in the next eight hours. But the Internet is home to fake prophecies and reports of death, and people eat that up in a heartbeat.

I don’t think she’s actually going to die on or before October 12. In fact, I wish her good health, because it’s just inhuman to wish for someone’s death simply because they disagree with you politically. However, the good news is that this particular prophecy doesn’t leave us long to wait. We’ll know if it’s true one way or another within a month.


What I will say, however, is what I’ve been saying since they said she had pneumonia – someone on that campaign or in that family ought to care enough to tell her to lay off the campaign trail for a while.


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