The RNC and Donald Trump Are Now Fundraising Together

With Donald Trump the presumptive nominee, he and the Republican National Committee have decided the time has come for them to make it official: they have announced a joint fundraising agreement in order to begin working toward the general election. Via Fox News:


The Republican National Committee and presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s campaign announced late Tuesday that they had reached a joint fundraising agreement, allowing the Trump campaign to raise funds to elect GOP candidates at all levels in this fall’s election.

The agreement creates two joint fundraising committees. One of these, dubbed Trump Victory, will raise money for the RNC, the Trump campaign and 11 state Republican parties. The other, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, will raise funds only for the Trump campaign and the RNC.

“Donald Trump knows the importance of keeping our Republican majorities at the local, state, and national level, and these joint fundraising agreements are another vital step in making that happen,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. “Donald Trump has received millions more votes than any candidate in the history of the Republican Party and we are confident that will carry forward into the general election.”

My father-in-law calls optimism a mental disease, and there is no one suffering from it more than Reince Priebus. I would pity his being in a no-win situation, except for the fact that under him, the RNC has made every concession possible to Trump, gone out of their way to accommodate him, and done everything they can to make the GOP Primary as much of a clown show as possible.


Has no one looked at any of the data and seen how toxic Trump has been to the Republican Party already? And you want to put his name on your key 2016 fundraising committee for other Republicans running for office? Are you trying to lose 2016?

Actually, scratch that last one. I know the answer. Of course you are. Raising money from a point of weakness has worked rather well for the Republican Party and its consultants for the past eight years. Why not keep it going?



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