Does John Kasich Actually Serve A Purpose In New York?

Image by Marc Nozell,, via Flickr Creative Commons

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must stand up and half-heartedly defend the existence of someone he otherwise thoroughly dislikes. For the sake of the greater good, even the most dishonest person deserves a chance to make something of himself, to turn his image around. For me, the dishonest person is John Kasich. And the greater good is preventing Donald Trump from getting 50% of the vote in New York.


New York is expected to be in the bag for Donald Trump. However, Cruz is making some plays there, and the electorate does bode a lot better for Kasich than Cruz. Now, it’s not like I want Kasich to win New York, but I don’t think I’d mind the more left-leaning Republicans of the East Coast leaving Trump for Kasich. These are the type of Republican voters that prefer to shy away from the controversial. That Donald Trump is one of them is just barely a reason to vote for them, and it’s highly unlikely they’ll move from him to Cruz.

But, it is very likely a significant enough number hops over to John Kasich. Like Trump, he is incredibly liberal, but unlike Trump, he isn’t lying about it/contradicting himself about it. He is openly embracing the “let’s stop being conservatives and just be nicer Republicans” mentality.


It may not be a major impact on New York voter results, but it may be just enough to mean the difference between Donald Trump with 49% of the vote and Donald Trump with 51% of the vote. New York may not be winner take all, but if a majority of Republican voters vote against Trump in New York, then Donald Trump will have access to fewer delegates, and John Kasich may have served a purpose after all.



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