BREAKING: Donald Trump To Skip Fox Debate

This morning on Fox and Friends, Donald Trump startled the morning show’s hosts by announcing he will not be attending the upcoming debate – which will be held on their network – and will instead be speaking at AIPAC.  “You hit me with it yesterday… so I’m not going to do the debate,” he explained.


Trump is fresh off a major win last night, taking all victories except for Ohio, and locked in a close battle with Ted Cruz in Missouri. His victory in Florida forced out Marco Rubio. He increased his delegate lead into the triple digits. But, he won’t get on the debate stage with Cruz. Or Kasich.

This is interesting, given what happened last time he skipped a debate. Courtesy CNN:

Donald Trump on Tuesday said his decision to skip the last Republican debate before the Iowa caucuses may have led to his second-place finish in the Hawkeye State.

“That could’ve been with the debate,” Trump acknowledged to reporters in Milford, New Hampshire, where he was introduced and endorsed by former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown. “I think some people were disappointed that I didn’t go into the debate.”


Of course, he did later blame Ted Cruz for cheating, so I don’t expect Trump to remember every

Trump’s relationship with right-leaning news network has been contentious at times, but their attitudes seem to be softening to toward him. At least enough to plead to get him to come to the debate after all.

He asked the Fox and Friends crew “Haven’t we had enough?” I’m inclined to agree with him at this point (and this point only).


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