Grandma and Grandpa Argue At Thanksgiving Dinner #DemDebate

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is always listening to the older members of the family argue about something they did but remember completely different. Here is a stellar example of such conversation that I’m sure you can all related to.


That’s exactly what the Democratic debate was last night. Old people remembering things differently and losing their grip on the reality of what actually happened. There are only two emotions that register when watching this clip: utter joy at watching old people shout over each other or total sadness at how badly things are for the Democrats, who have destroying anything even resembling a bench that they can draw fresh players from.

Last night’s debate is exactly why we have to begin our consolidations now. Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (hell, even John Kasich) are capable of beating either one of these two stuttering geriatrics. Hillary Clinton couldn’t even answer who she prays to and who she prays for. Bernie Sanders is espousing the same talking points on trade that Donald Trump is. Neither of them have a firm grasp of sanity at this point.

This November should be easy pickings for the Republicans.


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