(UPDATED) And the Louisiana Winner Is... Donald Trump

It’s early, but Donald Trump has been declared the winner in Louisiana after dominating the early vote results with more than 45%. Ted Cruz is in second place with around 23% of the vote, and Marco Rubio has between 19-20%.


Now, what a lot of the projections are based upon right now are the early vote results, which some people are skeptical of, but Louisiana’s final results usually follow the early vote pretty well. Things are going to get closer between Cruz and Trump, however, and this could be related to the several reports I’ve gotten of low turnout in parts of the state.

Ultimately, however, Louisiana appears to have put a stop to the Cruz rally that was Maine and Kansas.

UPDATE: As of 9:11 p.m. CST, Ted Cruz has made it a 6-point race. It may not be enough to overcome that early deficit, but it shows that the debate mattered here. Nothing else in the state has changed between the early vote and the primary day vote.

UPDATE 2: Looks like Trump ends up winning only by about 3-4 points, if that. Ted Cruz had a stellar day-of showing, outperforming the polling and the expectations to close the gap significantly.


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