The Fear of Criticizing Islam

The Fear of Criticizing Islam

It’s not news that Christianity is the most targeted religion of the modern era. It’s not news that Islam is so readily defended by the same people who attack Christianity’s core beliefs – many of which are also held by Islam. What is slowly making its way into the news is the admission that it’s because people aren’t scared of Christians.

An atheist professor said Tuesday that it’s acceptable to criticize Christians but not Muslims, because he does not “fear” retaliation from Christians.

“I know what keeps me from critiquing Islam on my blog is just fear,” Phil Zuckerman said at a discussion on religious liberty at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. “I’ve got three kids.

“So I know I can say anything about Christianity or Mormonism, and I’m not living in fear, which is a testament to Christianity and Mormonism, and that’s wonderful. Thank you,” said Zuckerman, who is a self-described atheist and professor of secular studies at Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif.

This is an admission that needs to be heard more and more, even if it appears to be totally intuitive. Christianity does not have a long record of physically attacking and killing people for disparaging their faith. Islam has a very noticeable trend of this practice, even as we are being told “It’s a few extremists,” a courtesy Christianity does not get whenever someone uses the religion to justify an insane action.

You hear attacks against the Catholic Church all the time over sex abuse scandals. You heard almost nothing in the U.S. about the Rotherham sex scandal outside of some online publications, and you aren’t going to hear about how the Muslim community in Rotherham is calling for a boycott of South Yorkshire police.

A Muslim group in Yorkshire has called on a town’s Islamic groups and institutions to boycott South Yorkshire Police over claims the force have “scapegoated” them.

The call to boycott, issued by the Muslim Community of Rotherham, claims that since the publication of the Alexis Jay report last year, South Yorkshire Police has “deflected their own failures” by targetting Muslims in the area.

The group has also said that any Muslim institution that doesn’t abide by the boycott will in turn by boycotted.

You will see the affects of that boycott, either. You will not hear about any conflicts that may happen between the police and the Muslim community, though if you do, it will demonize the police. The media is scared to report on issues in the Muslim community and the Muslim faith. They aren’t going to explain why we have boots on the ground to combat ISIS. It’s a thing overseas. Just know it’s happening.

You can call the Right a bunch of Islamophobes, but the lack of reporting from the media is a greater indication of that.

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