Media suddenly interested in vetting candidates' college years

Scott Walker has come from out of nowhere (if you weren’t paying attention), survived three elections in four years as a Republican in a blue state, and is making waves with statements and policies that drive the Left insane. However, there is one thing that makes Walker different from other potential presidential candidates – he never finished college. And, the college life of a presidential candidate didn’t seem to concern the media in 2008 when no one decided to vet Obama’s collegiate career or figure out what the hell he might have done (aside from drugs!) in college. In 2016, it suddenly matters.


Today, Walker, 47, is the governor of Wisconsin and a strong contender for the GOP’s 2016 presidential nomination. He is known for an astounding political hot streak: Since 1993, he has run 11 races for state legislature, county executive and governor — including a highly unusual recall election in 2012 — and he has won them all.

But before that streak came a string of defeats — the campus election, his failure to finish college and his first campaign for state office.

It’s funny. Barack Obama had absolutely no accomplishments prior to running for office, and we were told nothing of his educated life by a media whose job is supposed to be informing the public. Scott Walker, meanwhile, dropped out of college, gave a reason as to why, and it warrants a full investigation by the very same media that protected Obama’s past. The media, once again is showing a distinct bias, and will make no change no matter who calls it out or how loudly it is called out.

If you pay careful attention to the story, you’ll also notice how many times they talk about Scott Walker’s struggle to win office… prior to his becoming governor, when he thrashed WISCONSIN Democrats THREE TIMES in FOUR YEARS. This isn’t vetting. This is straight up trying to tear a man down for no other reason than he has defeated the side the media fights for time and again and is (probably) running for president.


I fully understand and even approve of the need to vet candidates who are running for the highest office in the land, or any office for that matter. The public needs to know the character of the person who will represent their will. But, the media chose not to do that for Barack Obama, and they are maliciously slinging mud against a man who hasn’t officially announced it yet. The bias is plain as day and, sadly, it’s unsurprising.


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