Paul Dietzel for Congress (LA-6) #RSG14


There’s a host of candidates running for Bill Cassidy’s soon-to-be-vacant seat in Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District. Cassidy is running against Mary Landrieu for Senate, but that leaves a hole. That hole is being eyed by Edwin Edwards, an ex-convict and former governor of Louisiana. The 87 year old (whose birthday was right before the RedState Gathering) has a newborn child by his wife, who fell for him while he was serving time.


Of the host of Republicans running for that same seat, there is a young guy who is looking to keep that seat Red and in safe hands. That’s Paul Dietzel, who is the only candidate besides Edwards polling in double digits. Dietzel gave a great speech at the RedState Gathering, and needs as much help as you can give him in this race. Edwards’ name recognition is through the roof, and he has the added bonus of getting other Democrats out to support him who would also support Mary Landrieu.

Dietzel is young, eager, and an entrepreneur who has stared down government regulation. He’s a fighter and eager to be a member of the new guard, ready to tear down the old guard. Fresh blood is certainly necessary in an aging and ineffective legislative branch, and RedState has chosen to support this fresh blood and eager soul for Congress, as should you.


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