Biden's Aliases, Particularly His Use of 'JRB Ware,' Were a Not-So-Clever Dodge

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An odd fact about crooks -- they don’t want to be caught. Even the dumbest criminal will employ a decoy name to avoid detection. From a criminology standpoint, it is a fairly new phenomenon. Criminals from the past century and in the present like nicknames and pseudonyms. They have two purposes. To inflate their own egos and to throw law enforcement off their trail. When organized crime started to flourish in the 20th century, even the low-level mafia soldiers had aliases and nicknames.  


By the mid-20th century, criminals were frequently using aliases to hide from law enforcement. By the time Joe Biden was six years old, according to one study, aliases were used by a third of criminals. Once electronic communication became ubiquitous, it became commonplace for criminals to communicate in “code” – like “Franky” might become "Two-toes," and “Joe” might be known as “The Big Guy”  

Ten years ago, when Joe “The Big Guy” was in the middle of his family grift, The Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine produced an abstract that noted:  

The use of aliases is also a figure in psychiatric diagnoses. Deceitfulness as evidenced by repeating lying, use of aliases, or conning others is part of the diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) as contained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition (DSM-IV-TR)


Aliases, alternative names that criminal defendants employ to avoid detection, are relatively common features in law enforcement and criminal justice practice. 

The use of aliases and the type of aliases used can indicate both a desire not to be caught, but also a degree of psychopathy. 

When the House of Representatives flipped in November 2022, one of the results was the power of the House to investigate the criminal enterprise of the “Big Guy”. The Big Guy is Joe Biden’s best-known and most widely used alias, but it wasn’t one of the names he used himself. While Joe was the vice president and first in line to the presidency, he used at least three other aliases: “Robert L Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware.” The last is a flashing neon sign pointed at Joe. Each time I see it, I read it as: “Joe R Beware.” 


What possible reason would any VP have to use aliases? Maybe there could be a legitimate governmental reason, if Joe was tasked with a secret meeting to negotiate with a foreign government. But that wasn’t Joe’s purpose. Joe was selling Joe. He was reading-in his drug-addled son Hunter about Joe’s duties as VP. "Here's my schedule, son." Joe was dealing with the then-president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, while Hunter was board-sitting for Burisma and blowing coke in his off-time. 

This isn’t rocket science. Joe was using aliases to avoid using his own name. In an editorial, the New York Post noted the obvious.  

Comer outlines the clear possibility that these aliases were an attempt by the then-vice president to deflect scrutiny from his dealings with son Hunter — citing a May 2016 email in which Biden’s schedule for the day was sent to Hunter (the only other real person copied on the email) and the “Peters” alias. 

That schedule included a call with Ukraine’s then-president, Petro Poroshenko, as Hunter sat on the board of Burisma.

Jonathan Turley, writing an op-ed for Fox News noted

However, these emails may show the quid in the quid pro quo. For some reason, Biden is accused of sending official information on these countries to his influence-peddling son. 

The nothing-to-see-here crowd is dismissing the allegation while resisting any further confirmation of these emails. (Notably, many of them insist that the false claims of Russian collusion against Trump were established by the fact that his campaign chair, Paul Manafort, gave polling data to a Russian client.) 

Yet, there are 27 emails linked to Joe Biden’s alleged "Robert L. Peters" alias including one sent from John Flynn, a former senior adviser to Joe Biden, with the White House "" domain name. 

For his part, Peters uses "" domain name on a government network, which includes the Executive Office of the President. 


Joe Biden gets torqued up when reporters bring up “The Big Guy.” The "why" seems pretty clear. He’s been "fingered." One assumes that he will get equally angry if and when he’s asked about his other three aliases.  

When Joe Biden was on the phone while Hunter was peddling his dad and his dad’s position as VP, Joe wasn’t JRB Ware. He was Dad, the VP. That’s when you use your real name – that’s when you want everyone to know who you are and what you are doing. “How’s the weather” might as well have been “How ya doin’?" or “Forgetaboutit."

Anyone with a modicum of critical thinking knows why Joe was on the phone when Hunter was "doin' business." Hunter was selling Joe. He was selling access. And it’s obvious why electronic copies of communications were copied with aliases. With the former, Joe thought he could just deny it ever happened. He did that for years -- until he was outed by Hunter’s business partner. For the latter, with executive branch emails, Joe figured “JRB Ware” was a pretty clever alias. A clever dodge, while Hunter was selling Joe and paying the Big Guy 10 percent. 

Who is JRB Ware? Forgetaboutit.


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