Transgender Dudes Competing Against Women Are Gutless Bullies

Jim Thompson original

It hit me like a thunderbolt. Or maybe like a bus would blast me if I was jaywalking on the freeway because I really have no excuse for not seeing it. It was obvious. Why do I loathe men who pretend to be women competing against women? Because I have always hated bullies.

I was beaten up in middle school (junior high in my day) by a bully and his bully gang. I got my revenge. Later in my 20s, I recognized the lead bully at a party and embarrassed him. He didn’t have his gang to back him up.

I saw a bully punch a kid in high school. I broke his nose. Bullies are the worst. They depend on a soft or softer target, and they exploit their usual physical dominance. But bullies are generally cowards. When they run into someone of equal physical strength — or even someone willing to stand up to them – they turn. They are, at their core, cowards.

Lia Thomas was a failed male swimmer. Just another guy in a pool of better men. Then he decided he was a she, and ESPN made him a female hero. Thomas, with his bat and balls still attached, was awarded as an outstanding woman athlete. The bully gladly accepted his fake award.

Everyone who isn’t a hack, and lying, knows that men will dominate women in sports. It’s why there are no women in the PGA, and there are no women in the NBA, NFL, or MLB. There are limits to the physicality of women, and there is a bright, undeniable line between men and women in sports. Running marathons is another good example. You could watch the winning man cross the finish line, then watch an episode of “Friends” before the first woman would cross the tape.

When the Williams sisters were at the top of their tennis game, some people were quick to speculate that Venus and Serena could compete against men. No, they couldn’t. And didn’t.

Karsten Braasch was 54. He was at one point competitive on the ATP circuit, but that was 20 years before he played against the Williams sisters. When Braasch played against the sisters, the sisters were world-famous and at their athletic peak. Braasch was ranked 203. He was a middle-aged dude with diminished skills. He was the equivalent of a good club pro about to play against the world’s best women players. He destroyed them. Both of them. Why? Because he is a man. The sisters both acknowledged that they would have no chance against professional men, let alone top-ranked men.

That was before the floodgate opened and men who failed at competing against men decided that the only way could get on the podium was to compete against women. At first, there were just a few. Then more and more. Boys who were middle-of-the-pack were ruining girls on tracks. Girls were losing scholarships. Then Lia Thomas destroyed his competition because he competed against — women. Nice, bully.

Unlike many athletic organizations and sports disciplines, US Tennis has decided that it wants men to dominate women. A dude (he looks like Rob Schneider wearing a prop wig and eyeliner) who wasn’t good enough to compete against other men decided he, was a she. His name is Alicia Rowley. Good luck finding his given name. Google has wiped his “dead name” from existence. Rowley is 55. He’s roughly the same age Braasch was when Braasch ran over the Williams sisters.

Rowley “won” an award for being the best tennis player in his (according to tennis official “her”) age group. Yeah, Rowley, you kicked some female butt. He dominated the competition of middle-aged women. Congrats, dude. It isn’t sitting well with the sane. Martina Navratilova and others have rightfully blasted the US Tennis Association for its collective cowardice.

What did he win? A “woman’s” National Championship and, with it, “The Golden Ball.” Ironic — and tragic. Rowley may be holding a Golden Ball, but he is also the unchallenged winner of a Golden Coward award. A bully. A man clocking women. Congrats, coward.

Congrats, bully. You beat a bunch of gals. You’re a gutless bully. God help me. I hate bullies.


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