Black Professor Who Helped Write Florida History Standards Appeared on Megyn Kelly's Podcast and Destroyed the Left's Lies With Facts

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During my time in law school, on rare occasions, a student would be called on and either hadn’t read the case material or was utterly clueless about what they’d read. On those occasions, the professor would either move on to another student and ask a second student to explain why the first student was mistaken. Or the professor would ridicule the student with something like: “That’s not remotely what the facts are. Did you read the case?”


On Tuesday, Megyn Kelly had Dr. William B. Allen on as her lead guest. In 15 minutes, Dr. Allen took apart the nonsense disseminated by the Democrats and legacy media regarding Florida’s new curriculum standards on black history. He did it with hard facts and personal anecdotes.

Dr. Allen is the former chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights, he is a Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University and edited the book “The State of Black America.” Dr. Allen was one of the authors of the Florida curriculum – specifically the African American history standards workgroup.

Megyn Kelly was a litigator and knows how to form questions that get to the meat of the subject. On Tuesday, she and Dr. Allen didn’t disappoint.

Dr. Allen mocked Vice President Kamala Harris indirectly by pointing out that her factually baseless claims were prepared for her because she has a “habit of cackling” when she’s off script, and she didn’t cackle. What Harris said were, nonetheless, flat-out lies. Harris baselessly claimed that the standard said that slaves “benefited from slavery.” It says no such thing. Harris added that “extremists” were “gaslighting” America and [conservatives] are trying to “divide our country.” Baseless and false, of course. In fact, that was what Harris was doing: dividing Americans and lying about it. It was a remarkable bit of hubris. And flat-out lies on the level of “The sky is green.” Nonetheless, “Politifact” claimed, in essence, that the sky was, indeed, green by “verifying” that Harris was right. My buddy Brad Slager ripped that claim into tiny shreds.


On the misapprehension of the single sentence being attacked, Dr. Allen scoffed and added:

Grammar, for people of basic literacy, sufficiently refutes the charge… but I came to understand, this had nothing to do with the standards, it had everything to do with a larger agenda, starting with the teachers’ union and its allies and, of course, carrying it to the level of the vice presidency in order to give it heft…and to account for slavery as the soul of America and discount the accomplishments of America.

In other words. This is all bad-faith, political Kabuki theater. A lie that traveled around the world before the truth had a chance to put its pants on.

Dr. Allen was incredulous, mocking the idea that he and the other commission members, many of whom are black, were justifying slavery. He said that claim was “categorically false.”

Nothing could be further from the truth, but that was the allegation as if we were John C. Calhoun or Roger B. Taney.

The Florida teachers’ union might have been the instigator of it all. It had the opportunity to contribute to the standards but didn’t. Instead, it stayed “in the weeds like a snake,” said Allen.

After the standards were published, the union issued a press release:

Evidently, in an attempt to protect students from wokeness, these new standards will make sure that, through the fourth grade, elementary school students’ knowledge of African American history doesn’t extend beyond being able to know who a famous African American is when they see them.


Dr. Allen pointed out that the union’s statement is, of course, a bald-faced lie. His workgroup deliberated in public, and representatives of the union were invited to attend. As the standards were developed, the drafts were widely disseminated to the public and the teachers’ union. The union was asked to contribute. But the union remained oddly silent throughout. The union decided, after the fact, to act in bad faith to score cheap political points, to obfuscate and lie about what the standards actually say.

Dr. Allen called it a “deliberate design” to take cheap, baseless political potshots. Clearly, he’s right.

Well-known white woman agitator and head of the largest teachers’ union, Randi Weingarten, labeled Dr. Allen’s work “grievously racist” and “disgusting.”

Eric Swalwell weighed in, and not to be outdone for making absurd feckless statements, said Gov. DeSantis was “pro-slavery.”

CNN’s Ashly Allison said on the air that Gov DeSantis wants to “ban Rosa Parks.”

Dr. Allen responded with a laugh at first, then pointed out that, of course, Rosa Parks is specifically mentioned in the standards. So are dozens of other historical black leaders.

He added, in a professorial manner, that the standards were also his story – his family’s personal story.

My great grandfather is someone who came from the islands and who was enslaved here… from his resourcefulness, we derive benefits. I think anyone who would try to change that language would be denying that great-grandfather Cidipus made any contribution. I certainly could not endorse doing that. Booker T. Washington’s autobiography is titled “Up From Slavery,” that was his story, not our story…and these stories are legends.


Dr. Allen destroyed the lies of Harris and Swalwell and the media’s cabal of clowns, not with returned vitriol, but with facts. It is worth a listen.


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