Noted Climatologist Ilhan Omar Says the Earth Broke a 120,000-Year-Old Temperature Record, Promptly Gets Ratioed

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I live in the Golden State, where you can’t walk two feet without running into an amateur “climatologist.” We just came out of one of the wettest winters in decades. It followed a drought that we were told was caused by climate change, and I agree with that statement. Just not the way climate activists think.


The climate changes. Droughts happen, and they happened long before traffic jams on the 405 Freeway.

Before the Industrial Revolution or the proliferation of oil-burning machines, the climate had changed. It changed a lot. The “Lost Colony of Roanoke” disappeared, and its inhabitants died almost certainly because they tried to put stakes down during an 800-year drought. We know this because of tree rings.

In California, notwithstanding the wailing and gnashing of teeth to the contrary, none of California’s historical droughts (before it was California) were the by-product of too many cars. The climate changed. There were lots of articles about California’s “worst drought in 1,200 years.” That sounds terrible and frightening, but most of those reports were written before California had one of its wettest winters in recent history. Lake Shasta is now full and, yes, one year doesn’t end a drought.

If you were wondering, what happened 1,200 years ago? Before that cut-off, there was drought. Before that, in the 16th century, there was a 22-year drought. As long as we have trees old enough to measure tree rings, we can measure drought conditions.

Just a few days ago, my buddy Bob Hoge wrote:

As with so many things the media sells us, a deeper dive tells us a different story. You are, in fact, much less likely to be harmed by inclement weather than your ancestors. What they also neglect to tell you is that the phrase “in recorded history” stands for an infinitesimal amount of time—humans have been recording temperatures and weather phenomena with accuracy for an extremely tiny period in the context of our planet’s history—less than a blink of an eye. “My grandma said it didn’t use to rain so much here” doesn’t mean a cataclysmic shift has occurred in the earth’s weather.


And, Susie Moore added:

[T]he modeling system they use to measure the global average temperature has only been in use since 1979. And while instrument-based records date back to the mid-19th Century, scientists depend on data from tree rings and ice cores to provide “proxy data” for temps prior. That proxy data tells them: “It hasn’t been this warm since…125,000 years ago.”

Is proxy data accurate? Not really. Climatologists use data that shows a 0.2-degree increase in temperature averages. That type of finite data wasn’t available 200 years ago. There is no way to measure what temperature it was on a given day 1,000 years ago or, for that matter, 120,000 years. Scientists can guess, but it is a guess.

That didn’t stop Ilhan Omar from climbing into her DeLorean and traveling back in time, to claim that three days this summer broke a record apparently set 120,000 years ago.

Big, if true. Fred Flintstone was unavailable to confirm.

If there is anything to like about Twitter, it is “community notes”, and the occasional replies to stupid tweets.

Omar’s squadmate, and noted mixologist and climatologist AOC warned us that we have 12 years before the earth is done like a Thanksgiving turkey. Sorry – had. That was 4 years ago. We are down to 8 years now. Climate activists are gluing themselves to streets and when they aren’t glued down, they are getting dragged, literally by the hair by people sick of their antics.


I will make a prediction right now: It will get hot this summer, and it will be cooler in the fall. Snow will return in the winter. I didn’t need a DeLorean. You’re welcome.


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