TikTokers: From Unbearable Narcissists in 'A Day in My Life' Videos to an Androgynous Dude Who Thinks He's Hitler

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I mused about a Google employee who gained fame and no added fortune from her “Day in the Life” TikTok videos. Her videos walked us through her existence of eating free food, “taking meetings” in fantasy-themed rooms, then eating more free food. Then, the fantasy ended. Google laid her off, which turned into – a “Day in the Life” of being laid off. I haven’t checked but she might have posted a “Day in the Life” of being unemployed.


TikTok is a commie info-gathering app. Of that, there is no doubt. Senator Spartacus has assured us he’s going to get to the bottom of it and he’s working with Chinese commies to make it stop. Kinda like Joey Mumbles is working with the ChiComs to stop spy platforms from flying over the homeland.

Other than a writer/cartoonist mocking them I see no utility or purpose behind “Day in My Life” videos. It’s next-level narcissism. How many jobs are interesting? There are many, but “Dirty Jobs” has done that and it takes 30 minutes not 30 seconds.

Maybe I should do a TikTok of a “Day in My Life as a Cartoonist.” It might be interesting. How about “A Day in My Life as a Lawyer”? It’s not the glam shot you see on TV. Most of it is talking to clients with silly ideas about how to litigate.

Sue them back, I don’t care how much it costs!”

“Ok – It’ll cost you about $200,000.”

“Oh – can we settle?”

I’m not sure how to put that into a 30-second video. In any event, I don’t have a TikTok account because I have self-respect, and I don’t want ChiComs looking over my online shoulder — so it’s back to mocking those who have them.

How about a “Day in My Life as a Stay-at-Home Husband?” Hunter is his name. Hunter and his wife Maya decided to video his existence of serving his wife’s needs. On Facebook, they explain their intentions. Hunter is an “online law student.” Maya’s the “breadwinner” but works at home. Hunter tells the audience to check their misogyny at the door as he explains that his day is composed of meeting his wife’s needs. Making the bed, making her breakfast, making her coffee, making the dog’s breakfast, feeding the plants breakfast, and pretty much tucking his manhood between his legs.


Real men clean😤 #couplestiktok #couple #marriage #dayinmylife #feminism

♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

Imagine the uproar if a wife did a TikTok of “A Day in My Life as June Cleaver but Without Wally and the Beaver.” Leftists would be apoplectic. The husband would get death threats. The wife would be sent copies of “The Handmaid’s Tale” with nasty inscriptions. But this is a guy so it’s great. Oh, how darling! You rock, Hunter! You are a real man, Hunter, you stud! One of the comments under the vid is from a genius named JJ Young. JJ says:

“My dad is also a stay at home(sic) dad while my moms(sic) a(sic) oncologist surgeon making 400k a year”

Sure, JJ. I don’t believe you know how much your mom makes and, JJ,  you missed the point. Hunter isn’t a dad. Hunter isn’t raising kids while his high-earning wife is in surgery, saving lives. Hunter and Maya have no children. They have a mutt and she works on her laptop in the bedroom, not in an operating room. If Hunter ever passed the bar (doubtful — because he’d likely start to cry in the middle of the multi-state) he’s the kind of wimp I’d ruin in litigation. He’d go home to his wife for a good bawl, and return to making TikTok videos while feeding his breadwinner wife her morning latte.

So what about reincarnated Adolf?

Redo-Adolf tells us his first memory as Der Führer was as a 5-year-old. He shows us a dark spot on his head. “This is where I shot myself”.


What’s next for Hilter Jr? “A Day in My Life as Hitler” methinks. It is the trend.



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