Commentary: DHS Head Mayorkas Is a Disgrace and a Liar. He Must Be Impeached

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DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas needs to be impeached.


A simple fact: If we don’t have a border, we don’t have a country. If millions of unvetted illegals with few to no skills pour across our southern border, we will eventually fade from existence as a sovereign nation. Because of ineptitude, policy failures, and outright, bald-faced lying, illegal aliens have accepted the Biden invitation and massed at our southern border. With the additional help of criminal cartels and the Mexican government, people from every third-world nation are wading across the Rio Grande or crossing land bridges into the hands of the Border Patrol. Those agents have been turned into glorified “greeters” by the Biden Administration.

Those who come to America illegally will, almost universally, become burdens on the community in which they land. There is no “net benefit” to people who generally don’t speak English, and cannot legally work in America. Yet, they come because they know no one will turn them back.

Communities that used to be a “pass-through” for a trickle of illegal aliens now see their communities overrun with people who – the day before – were on Mexican soil; they now inhabit their streets. Border cities like El Paso are in crisis. Homeless services for El Paso are overrun. El Paso is like a “third-world country.”

Sure, Joe Biden is to blame. He is the head of an inept administration that has no interest in fact or common sense. It is, after all, an administration that employs Mayorkas as the Homeland Security Secretary. Mayorkas has continually denied that there is a problem at the border. That is, unless his agents are falsely accused of whipping illegal aliens, then he’s proactive in denouncing innocent men.


Mayorkas is a failure of epic proportion. He and his demented boss have allowed the southern border to become a super highway for fentanyl, criminal cartels, human traffickers, and millions on millions of illegal aliens.

Earlier t thishis week, Mayorkas visit El Paso and spoke with Border Patrol agents. Did he assure the agents that there would be a policy shift and the administration would close the border and/or work with Congress to shut the wide-open door? No, he did not. Instead, he avoided the subject entirely. According to the Washington Examiner:

 [Mayorkas] stated he was here to bring light to suicide prevention and nothing [about] the migrant crisis, our staff couldn’t believe it and made it known to him,” said a senior Border Patrol agent in El Paso.

One federal law enforcement agent present at the discussion asked Mayorkas why he has continued to state that the border is “secure” when agents feel that is an inaccurate assessment given the hundreds of thousands of noncitizens they have observed on camera illegally entering and absconding.

“They asked him why he’s saying that the border is secure when we have no agents in the field,” the same agent said. “He had the nerve to respond that he never said the border was secure. I wish you could see into our agents’ eyes. They’re lifeless,” the same person said.


Mayorkas visited inland from the border. He never went to the border to see his “secure” border.

Mayorkas is a disgrace. He gave testimony under oath that the border is secure. Then this week, he lied to agents about his lie – lying that he did not lie (to Congress).

Mayorkas may be in competition with other members of Biden’s staff and Cabinet for incompetence, but Mayorkas is an imbecile and threat to national security; the man tasked with national “security” is holding the door open for millions of illegals. Some of those people, likely in the thousands at this point, mean to do America harm.

We are at the point of this disaster being a “clear and present” danger to America.

In any event, Mayorkas is a disgrace, a failure, and a liar. He needs to be impeached. He needs to be convicted. He needs to be removed.

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