Election Day Cartoon: Biden Is a Fossil Fool

(Credit: Jim Thompson/RedState)

Unfortunately, Joe Biden isn’t on the ballot but America can send a message to the White House that his policies are. Republicans will win the House and, hopefully, secure at least 51 seats in the Senate. On Wednesday, we should know that Pelosi and Schumer have been kicked to the curb.


Over the weekend, Biden assured America that there will be NO MORE DRILLING. We are in the midst of a fuel crisis. Diesel is in short supply and America will screech to a haul without it. Diesel is the byproduct of oil drilling – a fossil fuel. We cannot run an economy without fossil fuels.

Biden is an incompetent, demented old man who is getting worse by the day. He has the memory of a goldfish. When he “recalls” things they tend to be fiction he invented in his mostly empty head. If he had any job in the private sector he would be forced to retire or fired and walked to the door.

The old man in the White House is a Fossil and Fool.


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