Monday Cartoon: Paul Pelosi's Attacker Is the Left's Perfect Political Pawn

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If you viewed the Paul Pelosi incident only through a leftist lens, your view would be something horrific. You’d believe that the guy sitting in a San Francisco jail was likely an assassin hired by Donald Trump, paid with a check drawn from an RNC bank account, with Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s fingerprints on the hammer. Paul Pelosi’s man-servant hadn’t finished his boss’s admission paperwork at the hospital before Twitter experts were reporting that the suspect, David DePape, was a right-wing, Jew-hating J6er.


It got nuttier from there. Was he wearing clothes? Was he a “guest” of Paul’s? How did he get in? Who let the cops in? Once DePape’s name was made public, the brake lines were cut, and the crazy train was headed toward the gully at full speed. DePape had (reportedly) written blog posts as nutty as grandma’s fruitcakes. He posted some nutty conspiracies and nonsensical rants with personal notes about his family. Did anyone but DePape read them? His daughter knew he was bonkers and knew he wrote a blog. She didn’t read his rants and I doubt any of them had been read by anyone before journalists started pouring through them on Friday.

The Los Angeles Times assigned at least nine reporters to the story. With nothing more than nutty blogs posts (apparently) authored by DePape, a source who claimed DePape was yelling “Where’s Nancy?” and a statement from the police chief that the attack was “intentional,” four of the Los Angeles Times reporters had produced a story on the attack for Friday’s online edition and Saturday’s morning paper. On Sunday, three more reporters (with contributions from four more) produced a separate story on the claimed political motive. The same day, the Times also ran an editorial decrying the attack with the following headline: “The horrifying attack on Paul Pelosi is an attack on democracy,” and, at the same time in the “Politics” section, two journalists had authored a story called: “‘We are a tinderbox’: Political violence is ramping up, experts warn.”


But by Sunday night, we still didn’t really know DePape’s motives. We didn’t even have a mug shot. Is DePape just a nut? He does have a decades-long history of nutty behavior. He’s shacked up with BLM supporters in a place festooned with pride flags. He’s likely smoked enough dope to get all of San Francisco high. One of the only photos of DePape shows him sitting in what appears to be a load of junk. He has a 1,000-yard stare on his face. He’s been described as a long-time drug addict. A hippie, and nudist. No one who knew the guy has described him as “normal.” In a word, he’s a “nut.”

When Rand Paul was almost killed by a leftist nut, the Los Angeles Times did not assign several journalists to cover the story, nor did the Times write an editorial decrying political violence. Although the Times seems to have assigned half its newsroom and its opinion editors to the Paul Pelosi story, the paper didn’t assign anyone to the Rand Paul attack. And I mean, no one. Three days after the attack, the Los Angeles Times ran a vanilla story of the incident. It was a wire story written by an AP journalist. For the Los Angeles Times, it wasn’t important enough to assign anyone to the story. No one at the Times looked into a political motive, even though it was staring them in the face. The wrong guy was attacked. The wrong Party.


Long after we found out that Rand Paul’s attacker was motivated by politics and that Rand Paul could have died, Christine Pelosi — Paul and Nancy’s daughter — tweeted:


The Los Angeles Times assigned zero reporters to interview Christine Pelosi on her motives for a tweet advocating violence on a sitting member of Congress. Odd, I know.

David DePape appears to be a deranged drug-addicted homeless nut and you can add “political pawn” to his list of life accomplishments. He’ll be used to full effect by the left because of three words “Where is Nancy?” This isn’t an indictment on politics, it’s an indictment of mental illness and the help those suffering from it don’t get. This isn’t, in any respect, an “attack on democracy,” regardless of how many Los Angeles Times journalists have been assigned to claim it is.


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