WATCH: Charlie Crist's Running Mate Takes a Swing at DeSantis, Falls on Her Face

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Charlie Crist has done an amazing job stepping on rakes on his way to a double-digit deficit in the polls. Charlie being Charlie is bad enough, but from the get-go, he’s been a hurricane of how not to run a campaign. It started with his pick for a running mate. Karla Hernandez might have been the worst choice, and he picked her anyway.


In September, Hernandez compared her teaching special-ed kids to a “dysfunctional” legislature.

Hernandez said “I’m a special-ed teacher, so my major is emotionally-handicapped education, OK? That by itself qualifies me to deal with a dysfunctional legislature,”

A director of a center teaching people with special needs called it  “offensive to families.”

Casey DeSantis, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wife, said she was “sickened by callous words from someone who claims to be an advocate for children.”

Since then, Hernandez has remained mostly under the radar, allowing Crist to take most of the missteps. Then came Hurricane Ian. Even the most cynical and jaded of DeSantis critics have been hard-pressed to criticize DeSantis and his administration. But at one point during the clean-up and recovery, DeSantis was seen wearing white Ag boots. Dummies on Twitter had a good laugh. But the relief efforts have been smooth and machine-like.

Crist and his running mate haven’t belted themselves in the face lately so on Wednesday Hernandez raised her hand to fix that. “OH! OH! LET ME, LET ME! And boy did she.

Hernandez showed up at an active construction site and pretended to help. It was like watching Anthony Fauci throw a baseball, or Kamala Harris attempt to speak, and make sense. I hope DeSantis has this tweet teed up for an ad (not that he needs the help). This dumpster fire of a self “own.” It is too good to pass up.

Hernandez’s claim that DeSantis held up recovery while she stoops — in designer white jeans, wearing designer “sneaks” — to drill a crooked hole in a 2×6 joist is pretty rich for a photo-op. While her long hair flaps over her shoulders and her oversized bracelets bang away, she puts on a serious face and asks:

“Drill all the way through the board?”

No, Karla, drill just part way…the hole is useless anyway.

And why wear a hard hat when that would get in the way of the photo-op — am I Right?

This whole scene is how not to do anything on a construction site. Sounds mean, but I was hoping she’d really lean into drilling her worthless sideway hole, and her long hair would get caught in the bit, pulling her melon forward, and smacking it against the beam.

If OSHA handed out death penalties, Hernandez would get the needle. Good God.

Here is the vid:



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