Friday Cartoon: It's Confirmed: Stacey Abrams Has No Heart(beat)

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Stacey Abrams is a ghoul. She’s down in the polls and down on the morality scale. She recently said that there is no fetal heartbeat at six weeks.


The baby is still developing at six weeks and sure, everything is small, but parents have been listening to heartbeats at six weeks–for decades. The new position on the left is that that is a fantasy.

One ghoulish point in Abrams’ position on abortion is that she won’t rule out any restrictions on abortion. Abrams apparently believes that a woman should have the right to terminate a life at seven, eight, or even nine months. Abortion advocates claim that that “never” happens. Then why claim that a woman has that right? Viable lives have been ended by abortionists. That is an undeniable fact.

Abrams is a bad author, a bad human, and a bad candidate who is (thankfully) very likely to repeat as a failed candidate for governor.

Her position on abortion is also heartless–that because a child might grow up poor, it would be better to kill the baby in the womb than allow that child to live.

Can you hear her heartbeat? I doubt it–because Stacey Abrams has no heart.



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