Stacey Abrams Drops Insanely Conspiratorial Take, and I Think I Know Why

Things are not going well for Stacey Abrams in Georgia. That’s a sharp turnaround for the one-time gubernatorial loser over the last few years. This is a woman who was seriously considered as a vice presidential candidate for Joe Biden.


When she signed on for a rematch against current Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, the hype was palpable. The press loved her and still fawn over her every utterance. She was also touted as a unique force in registering and turning out voters after supposedly helping deliver the Peach State for Biden in 2020, a claim I find highly overstated.

But in 2022, Abrams has suffered failure to launch. She has never led a legitimate poll against Kemp, and the gap only seems to be widening as election day nears. As a result, she’s leaning into the radical left in a way that I think tells us a lot.

Take this conspiratorial, anti-scientific nonsense about abortion.

I’ve heard a lot of wild statements about abortion over the years, but the idea that fetal heartbeats are actually not real but are a conspiracy hatched by men to control the bodies of women is a new one. Scientifically, she’s just wrong. Fetal heartbeats absolutely exist at six weeks and can be observed. In fact, it’s very normal to get an ultrasound around that point and the first thing they do is find the heartbeat.


I think I know why she’s doing this, but first, here’s another statement by her from Wednesday that underscores the matter.

I am begging liberals to get a better argument for abortion than “kill the kids to help the economy.” That’s the stuff of genocidal regimes, and it has no place in our political discourse. It’s grotesque, selfish, and cowardly. Sane people don’t stump for ending the lives of babies because their births might be a drag on the economy. Besides, that’s not even true, as low birth rates are what ultimately destroy nations, rather than save them.

But Abrams is all aboard the crazy train even as she tries to win a purple state like Georgia. Why? I think the answer is simple: She knows she’s going to lose.

With Abrams staring a sizable defeat in the face, she has no future prospects in Georgia. She swung for the fences both times and struck out despite the fanfare. There’s no chance she returns to state-level politics. So what’s her next move? It has to be attempting to be VP on a 2024 ticket or securing a job within a Democrat White House. Abrams, despite being a mountain of failure, still believes she’s special, and she’s going to keep trying to advance.


What that boils down to is that she must shore up her leftwing credibility on the national level. That’s why she’s going full Leroy Jenkins in a state that doesn’t like full Leroy Jenkins. She knows Georgia is lost for her. Now, it’s about building to the next step. It’s laughable and cynical, but watch where she goes from here. I bet I’m right.


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