Democrat Stacey Abrams Won't Call Abortion up to Birth out of Bounds

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In a stunning moment Sunday, the Democrat gubernatorial nominee for the state of Georgia, Stacey Abrams admitted exactly where her party stands when it comes to abortion. In an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Abrams flatly refused–twice–to reject abortions taking place up to the point of birth.


Fox News:

Abrams was pressed during a “Fox News Sunday” interview to respond to the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade on Friday and whether she believed there should be any limitations on abortion.

“I believe that abortion is a medical decision. And I believe that that should be a choice made between a doctor and a woman and in consultation with her family,” Abrams said. “But I think the challenge that we have is that we keep putting this in a political space. This is a medical decision. And the medical choices that should be made should be governed by what is best for that woman. And what is the best suggestion of an advice of their doctor.”

Fox News host Martha MacCullum returned to the same question later on, asking “whether Abrams supports abortion up to 9 months and asked at what point does Abrams start to care about the life of the baby.”

But Stacey Abrams doubled down:

“What I would say is that it is a medical decision. I don’t know of a single woman who reaches the stage where this decision is easy. That is not the case. And so this is a medical conversation. And while we are absolutely compelled to have these difficult conversations, they should not be political ones,” Abrams said.

“I should not be making decisions without having true understanding of the facts. Nor should any other political leader,” the Georgia Democrat continued. “This is not a political issue. This is a medical issue.”


Anyone who cannot reject the killing of children at the time of birth should not be an acceptable candidate for any political seat–least of all the governor of a state–but that’s today’s Democrat party.



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