Sunday Funday Cartoon: At Cafe Blue, Everyone Is Welcome...Except Those Immigrants

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

There’s a restaurant in Malibu that we would frequent for breakfast. On the wall is a giant, hand-painted sign listing all the usual subjects of tolerance. Everyone is welcome and accepted – except, you know, when they are not. Conservatives, Republicans, people who believe in men and women, those sorts of people. But everyone else is super welcome.


On Martha’s Vineyard, residents had a freakout over 50 people landing in their land of milk and honey, and tolerance without reservations. The contrast between their “everyone is welcome” yard signs and hand-painted, virtue-signaling restaurant signs, and their rush to get the 50 on a military plane out of town, was stunning and actually fun to watch. It was a new take on NIMBY.

It took just under two days, and the immigrants were outta there.

The virtue-signaling signs on front lawns and in restaurant windows and walls will remain on Martha’s Vineyard. New ones will crop up, too. Like the increasing number of guys who claim to be combat vets–but never left an air-conditioned office–by next year, Martha’s Vineyard will have about 17,000 people claiming they fed the 50 Pop-Tarts. What’s virtue-signaling without a virtuous story?

At Cafe Blue, they respect everyone and stand with immigrants–as long as the immigrants are standing in line to board a bus out of town.



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