Sunday Cartoon: Joe Biden's 'Morning Briefing' Reminds Him... He's the President

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

A note to readers: I am still recovering from a severe back injury. For the next few weeks, my posts might be limited, but I’ll work to make them count! Thanks for reading.



You saw it. Joe Biden was given a “To Do” list. His list resembled instructions a third-grade teacher would give to an eight-year-old pupil. Joe’s handlers even capitalized “YOU,” so Joe wouldn’t get lost with who the instruction was for.

Joe’s “Morning Briefing” isn’t a security briefing; rather, it’s simple tasks, like reminding him who he is after he wakes from the fog of sleep to the fog of being Joe Biden. “YOU” — aka the leader of the free world — needs to be reminded to use the bathroom before dressing, and if there is an accident, to exit stage right for a clean-up.

Sadly, I don’t think my cartoonish hyperbole (including that Jill is the one in charge) is that far from reality.


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