Biden Accidentally Reveals Step-by-Step Notes He's Been Given on How to Act

Joe Biden has been busted with cheat sheets in the past. But the one that photographers caught him with on camera on Thursday might just be the worst yet. Biden was delivering a few remarks to the press about the Federal-State Offshore Wind Implementation Partnership.


Yes, everyone uses notes sometimes. But these notes were something else. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. They weren’t just “notes” about what he was going to say or the subjects that he needed to cover. They were a list — made up by someone else — that told him what to do, that treated him like a five-year-old child, directing him how to act during an event–even when to sit.

In case you’re wondering what it says, here’s a better picture.

Who needs to be told “YOU enter the Roosevelt room and say hello to the participants” and “YOU take YOUR seat”? It sounds like he confused things in the past, and they even have to highlight “YOU” in the various actions going on. Those are step-by-step instructions to tell him what to do every moment of the event.


“Press enters. YOU give brief comments (2 minutes). Press departs…YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question. Note: Liz is joining virtually. YOU thank participants. YOU depart.”

This isn’t about a stutter, people. These are instructions to the incoherent.

Now, why was he revealing the “idiot cards” to the public? Because apparently, they wrote some notes on the back, for him to respond to the Supreme Court gun decision. So, when he turned it around to answer that question, he revealed all the other instructions for the event that were on the front.

If this is necessary, we are in deep trouble.


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