What Are Your Memories From Two Years of the COVID Cult?

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After a Federal Judge found that the CDC overstepped its authority by mandating masks, the left stepped in to declare, among other things, that the judge was too young. Joy Reid and other talking heads declared people would die because there was no mask mandate. They won’t, but that got me thinking about the madness.


Two days ago, I was forced to get a COVID test. I’m “going under the knife” in a few days, and the surgeon needs assurances that I’m not COVID positive. I sat in my car, while a tech dressed in surgical scrubs and wearing a pull-down plastic facemask, along with an N95, wrote down my insurance info. Before she walked to the next car, she demanded that I put a mask on, in my car, alone. I politely smiled and answered, “No.”

The most absurd impact, for me, was golf. Courses were shut down. When they eventually reopened, the flagpoles had an attachment so the holes were covered; the ball wouldn’t drop in the hole. Apparently COVID was lurking down there, like a scary clown, ready to grab fingers and infect golfers. Sand rakes were removed. You could drive to a course with another person, but you couldn’t ride in a shared cart. And masks were required on courses.



We’ve endured two years of made-up absurdities and flat out lies. No, I am not suggesting the virus wasn’t real or that it wasn’t deadly… For some people, like the elderly and overweight, it was dangerous. Nonetheless, here are some of my fond memories during the two years–of 15 days to slow the spread.

  1. Cloth masks save lives.
  2. 6 feet distance. It’s the science.
  3. Public health officials (unelected and often non-medical doctors) turned police into COVID cops. They ran police tape across park entrances to prevent people from using open air parks. Maintenance crews took down basketball hoops and poured tons of sand into skate parks.
  4. Beaches were closed. Joggers were tracked down like a fleeing felons for not wearing masks.
  5. One-way arrows pointing down grocery store aisles
  6. Wipe down all your groceries with sanitizers.
  7. Covidians ended handshakes, forever.
  8. Marijuana stores were open, but gyms were not.
  9. Ruining children with remote “learning” because of teachers unions wouldn’t teach.
  10. Biden’s Winter of Death of the Unvaccinated

COVIDIANS gave me plenty of fodder for cartoons. The pandemic is over for most of us. For some, it will never end. But, cults are like that.

So,  what’s in you COVID wallet?



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