The War on Cops

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LAPD officer Fernando Arroyos was everything you’d want in a cop. A good man. A smart man. He was loved by his friends and family. He loved them. He wanted to be a cop, and serve the city he called his home. He was a graduate of Cal Berkley and came home to Los Angeles. He died on the streets of Los Angeles.


On January 10th, his life ended when gangsters gunned him down. He was shot dead in front of his girlfriend. The people the government believes are responsible have been arrested, but because the LA District Attorney is George Gascon, a catch and release George Soros acolyte, the federal government stepped in and charged the suspects. The Justice Dept charged all four to avoid the possibility that gangster cop-killers would be released on low bail and/ or have charges reduced.

11 days after Arroyo was murdered, NYPD officer Jason Rivera was killed when a cop-hater gunned him down. Rivera’s partner, Wilbert Mora, was shot as well and died on January 25th. Mora’s body was kept on life support which allowed organs to be taken, giving life to five people he never knew. Last Friday, the streets of New York were a sea of uniformed officers paying tribute, and it might signal a sea-change in public perception and tolerance.

Violence on cops has skyrocketed. Heather McDonald wrote The War on Cops – a 2016 book that details, with hard facts and supported statistics, that police have been demonized in general, and maligned by race-grifters in particular.

In the War on Cops, McDonald discusses the “Ferguson Effect.”  The aftermath of the utterly false narrative that Michael Brown was an innocent boy who had his hands in the air and was shot by a white cop. The truth was quite different. Brown was a violent bully and a thief. Brown tried to take the cop’s weapon and then charged at Officer Wilson. Following the Ferguson riots, distrust and demonization of cops increased. Every shooting was dissected and ill-motives applied before the smell of gunpowder was gone. The reason isn’t hard to figure out. Race-hustlers like Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump have made a living ginning up hatred of cops. Others with even higher profiles have repeatedly laid the groundwork to invent false narratives, sowing division and distrust.


Cops have drawn back on proactive policing because they fear being accused of crimes that never happened. After Jacob Blake was shot, LeBron James tweeted this in response to the myth posited by Benjamin Crump:


LeBron James has a massive following and when he tweets or retweets something completely false, his acolytes take it to heart. When he speaks/tweets, millions of his followers will take it at face value.

James also tweeted a condemnation of the cop who shot and killed a girl. The girl shot was trying to kill another girl with a knife. It was a wholly justified shooting, but James couldn’t wait for facts. In the since-deleted tweet he wrote:

“YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY,” with an hourglass emoji included. He was targeting the cop. It was a not-so-veiled threat, and his followers ate it up — until it became apparent that the officer was saving a black girl’s life. No matter, James continued with spreading his myths. For James, he wasn’t to blame for spreading a threat and perpetuating cop distrust, it was still the cops to blame.


When James claims that he and other black men can’t step out of the front door without fear of being gunned down by cops, he perpetuates a myth and unfortunately millions take it as gospel. He instills fear of mythical dragons. Others with high profiles have reinforced that myth.

Believing that cops hunt black men seems to be based on what political leaning one has, and by default who you listen to.

If one is far left, one will believe that cops are hunting blacks. Why? Because high profile people, like Lebron James and Kamala Harris, have fed them lies. After Blake was justifiably shot, Kamala Harris said this:

“The reality is that the life of a Black person in America has never been treated as fully human. And we have yet to fulfill that promise of equal justice under the law…We will only achieve that when we finally come together to pass meaningful police reform and broader criminal justice reform and acknowledge, yes, acknowledge, systemic racism.”


The Jacob Blake shooting was justified. Blake admitted he was reaching for a knife.

Last week, an Alabama police detective named Tanisha Pughsley was murdered. It isn’t just cops like Rivera and Mora, Arroyo, and Pughsley being shot – crime and particularly homicides have rocketed up. Why? Because criminals no longer fear that they will be prosecuted. Thieves now walk into stores, rob them, then walk out. Criminals like the man who killed Officers Mora and Rivera have been told that cops are the enemy – that cops are to be treated, not with respect, but with derision. Cops are to be resisted. You can lay some blame at the feet of high-profile personalities like LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Al Sharpton, and Ben Crump who have created a myth — one that people have bought into.

LeBron James was quick with his fingers to tweet when a cop did his job and to call him out for “accountability” even when that cop saved a black life. When cops are murdered by cop-hating men? Silence. James has not tweeted about cops being murdered. It’s below his outrage line. Not a word from LeBron James on Officer Pughsley being murdered. She was a Black woman, but she wore blue.

What’s the solution? Stop spreading lies and myths that cops are actively targeting people for execution. That would be a good start.



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