Perception vs Reality: Leftist Journos See What They Want to See

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky


Yesterday, Joe Biden spent two hours speaking. At least it resembled speaking. Kinda. It was mostly gibberish and nonsense that reporters, journalists, Jen Psaki, and Americans were left to interpret. It was, objectively, a flame-out for ‘ol Joe Biden — from his creepy-scary, clown-in-a-sewer whisper to flat-out lies, from his uncomfortable pauses when his brain had to reset like Windows 95, to “Old man yelling at clouds.”


But objective facts are not in style with our betters. PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor couldn’t wait for Joe’s corpse to cool; she resurrected and pretended to reanimate Joe, like Weekend at Bernie’s. She alerted her followers that Biden had won the night, and won her heart. In a stunningly Bagdad Bob-like tweet, she lavished praise on Biden.

If you wonder what level of leg-humping it was, Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain retweeted it. My colleague, Sister Toldjah covered and critiqued in full the absurdity of Alcindor’s adulation here, but suffice to say, Alcindor was looking through rose-colored glasses. She didn’t see what the rest of America saw.

Alcindor and other leftist journos might see Superman, but the rest of America sees a doddering old man.


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